Our policy and more information

**Before reading the fine print:** our contract DOES NOT NEED SIGNING as you will see below.

Our only goal is for You, your Family and Friends to have fun and enjoy the beautiful area the property and the lake.

We all know that things happen and things get broken by accident or may have been broken upon your arrival (our cleaning crew is good, but they do miss things from time to time), please let us know if something is broken when you arrive (we’ll fix it or replace it ASAP) or if something happens during your stay and we will do our best to work with you to fix it or replace it for a fair price.

Refund & Cancellation Policy:
The Spotted Sandpiper Policies:

Payment, Refund, Cancellation, Cleaning and Damage Policy:

By sending (via electronic means or by mail) a deposit and full payment to us for your rental reservation at our property, you are agreeing to hold the owners of The Spotted Sandpiper totally harmless from all legalities, including, but not limited to any and all damages to you, your family including your children, friends, pets, your property, car(s), boat(s) etc,. THERE IS NO LIFEGUARD on duty, swimming is at your OWN RISK, never let a child swim alone, you are also agreeing to the The Spotted Sandpiper Payment, Refund, Cleaning and Damage Policy as a legally binding document and to Fair Charges that may be added to your Credit Card

Payment Policy:

A 50% deposit is due at the time of your rental reservation. If it is not received within 7 business days, we reserve the right to re-rent the same.

Your balance is due 14 days before your arrival, if you cancel within 7 days prior to your arrival we keep 100% of the rental money.

Cancellation, Cleaning and Damage Policy:

We will need a credit card that we will apply charges to only if you cancel within 7 days prior to your arrival, or the property (house, cottages, bunks or yurts) are left untidy and extra cleaning is needed ($125 is charged for extra cleaning), moved furniture is not put back where it goes (based on time @ $25 per hour) or damage is done. We will charge your Credit Card for actual damages and time to fix or replace the broken or damaged item(s).

After we have received a 50% deposit for your rental reservation and if you let us know that you will not be able to make the reservation (more than 14 days before your arrival) in enough time to re-rent, and we will do everything in our power to re-rent, as we don’t want to lose the rental money, we will refund all but 10%. If we can not re-rent the same we will keep the rental fee or the entire full payment. If we rent a unit for less than the amount of days you rented it for, we will keep the part of the money that will cover the loss of the rental.

Pet Policy:

We welcome pets. We have a $50 per pet per stay charge required with the deposit. Pets MUST NEVER BE LEFT ALONE. If you have a cage, the dog can be left locked in the cage. Any dog hair and smell must be gone when you leave. Dogs must always be leashed and picked up after.

**By sending a deposit to us for your stay, you are agreeing to the The Spotted Sandpiper Payment, Refund, Cleaning and Damage Policy and to Fair Charges that may be added to your Credit Card**

Our Under Age 21 years old Party/Prom Policy:

We truly want your group to enjoy your party or prom to the fullest, our property, the setting in the woods, the lake, have fires, food and FUN!


Prom and Underage Rental Policy:

Underage drinking is a serious crime in NY State, as it is in all states. IF YOU GET CAUGHT DRINKING WHILE UNDERAGE IN NY STATE, THE STATE HAS THE RIGHT TO TAKE AWAY YOUR DRIVER LICENSE UNTIL YOU ARE 25 YEARS OLD, AND THEY DO IT VERY OFTEN. This law is reciprocal with all the of other states as well, meaning if you’re caught in NY State drinking underage and you’re from Alaska, your license will be taken away in Alaska until you are 25. Plus fines and other penalties.

We have a $2000 dollar damage deposit due with your full payment before arrival. Upon your departure if everything is in good condition and our policies are followed, we will give you a check for your full deposit.

To stay with us you must have at least 1 person (but, the more the merrier) 21 years of age or older, proof of age is required, including a copy of the person’s driver license with picture and birth certificate. The chaperone(s) will be totally liable for any and all problems that may occur during your stay. We have a waiver that the chaperone must sign and returned to us before arrival, taking all, full and total responsibility for the entire group. If the chaperone does not show up when your group arrives, you will have to leave our property immediately unless you can come up with someone 21 years of age that will show all ID as required and signs the waiver within 2 hours of your arrival, and NO MONEY WILL BE RETURNED to your group. Sorry to say, this has happened 3 times in 14 years. Police had to be called 2 times and they escorted everyone off of our property.

As we’ve had a few proms get busted by the State police for underage drinking, loud late night music, yelling, fighting, fireworks, drugs, etc., we as owners of the property will not and do not take any responsibility for your behavior, underage drinking or any other problems that may arise where the State Police may have to be involved.

We’ve had many great proms with no problems at all. BUT FYI, other renters and a few neighbors have called the police for loud music, fireworks, fighting, etc., and it has always been alcohol and or drug related. The State Police have the right to search all of your belongings, cars, and cottages, and they do a very thorough job, as they are in a very bad mood as these problems always happen late at night!

We’ve had a few proms where 40 to 75 kids were all ticketed and a quite a few were arrested. All of them had to come back to our county (Seneca County, NY) to answer the tickets, pay fines, get points on their license, etc. If there is criminal behavior found to be going on, such as underage drinking or other illegal activity found by the State Police and at the very least THE CHAPERONE ALWAYS GETS ARRESTED AND TAKEN TO THE COUNTY JAIL 40 MILES NORTH OF OUR PROPERTY.

If the chaperone MYSTERIOUSLY disappears if the police have to come to the property and find criminal behavior, (This has happened once) we hand the police a copy of his or her driver license, picture, birth certificate and the signed waiver. The waiver is not pretty, it was created by a NY State Judge and there will be an arrest warrant issued for the missing chaperone. The rest of the group may also be arrested.